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Triathlon running is one element of the Howie Endurance Project that we can help you improve.

Triathlon Running

Focus on running efficiency and quality workouts to drop your running times.

Running efficiency can be measured by analyzing energy expenditure at a constant speed. Two runners can travel at identical speeds but expend very different amounts of energy. Obviously, the less energy used the better. HEP athletes learn to run as efficiently as possible by comparing video footage of their form to the form of the world's best elite runners. From this footage any possible problems can be identified and solved with prescribed running drills. Once form is perfected, it's time to focus on the quality of each workout.

In the past it was not uncommon for elite endurance runners to grind out as much as 200 miles per week at a relatively slow pace. However, faster run times are now being produced with fewer miles at very specific intensity levels. The point is that quality is winning over quantity. Every workout needs to be tailored to the athlete with a very specific purpose. With HEP, each of your workouts will be designed with your primary race goal in mind.