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The transition phase may be referred to as "off season" training but is not a time to take "off." Actually, there is no "off" season. The transition phase is the time of year to let your body fully recover, both mentally and physically, while maintaining a level of fitness.


A good transition can improve your position. A bad one can leave you trying to make up lost time.

Many multisport athletes ignore transitions during training and then lose valuable time during a race. The problem is that transitions are under estimated. They seem like such a small component of a race, but they are actually very important and complex.

The number of tasks an athlete has to accomplish in a transition is staggering when you stop and think about it. Exit the water. Strip a wetsuit. Run through a maze of bikes and people. Find your bike! Put on sun glasses. Put on a helmet. What about bike shoes?! Find the mount line. Did I put on my race belt?! Find the dismount line. Run through the maze again, this time with a bike in hand. Put on socks. Put on running shoes. OOPS! I dropped my gel. Where is the water!!! Put on a hat. Find the run start.........and believe it or not, these are only the highlights!

So how do the professionals complete these transitions in as little as 30 seconds? First of all, they have evaluated their transitions very meticulously and have eliminated any actions that waste time. Secondly they use specific tricks and techniques to speed up every task they complete. A few examples of this would be, wearing a race belt under the wetsuit, flying mounts and dismounts, putting on bike shoes while on the bike, running without sock, and elastic shoelaces to eliminate having to tie running shoes. Finally, they practice their transitions until they can do them in their sleep.

You don't have to be a pro to transition like one. With HEP, you will learn how to gain an edge in the transition area.